UH asks to receive a portion of the revenue football games generate for Aloha Stadium

HA Note: “The University of Hawai’i athletic department has asked the Aloha Stadium Authority to consider some form of financial relief, including a “profit-sharing” plan under which the school might receive a portion of the revenue its football games help generate.”

About UH’s request for “profit-sharing”, Aloha Stadium authority chairman Kevin Chong Kee said:
“We’re looking to see what can be done to help the UH athletic program.” (HA)

HA Note: “UH was not charged rent at the Halawa facility for the 2008 season but paid $778,592 in so-called “out-of-pocket” expenses, according to the school.”

HA Note: “Donovan has told regents that UH is the only school in the nine-member Western Athletic Conference that does not receive concessions, parking or signage revenue from its football venue and is the only one without a student athletic fee. Until the 2006 season UH paid rent and expenses for its use of Aloha Stadium. But beginning with the 2006 season the authority agreed to rescind the rent when financial conditions permitted. UH had been paying approximately $300,000 per season under a formula that called for the school to be assessed $10,000 or 7.5 percent of ticket sales per game, whichever was greater. The stadium regularly generates a surplus, often somewhere between $1 million and $2.5 million per year, though the legislature sometimes “sweeps” much of it for other state use.”

About how UH should share in the profits made by Aloha Stadium since it is a major tenant, JD said:
“My logic is that we’re bringing in the lion’s share of the revenue from sports (events) that actually use the stadium. And, it is imperative for us to be a success in Division I football.” (HA)

HA Note: “Chong Kee said the authority may have to amend the administrative rules it operates under to accommodate UH, a review that is under way. Chong Kee said it might be possible to have something in place in time for the upcoming season.”

HA Note: “UH was charged $104,846 in combined cleanup and refuse disposal costs for the 2008 season, an average of $14,978 per game.”



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