Feature on Colt Brennan

SC = skinscast.com

SC Note: “Yet while the Redskins have done everything but place a help wanted ad for a quarterback to replace starter Jason Campbell, Brennan, a record-setting collegiate star, has been busy learning the pro game, waiting for a chance to prove himself. And as luck would have it, Washington’s inability to land a new starter at the position may prove as beneficial to Brennan as to Campbell in that Brennan is now not relegated to competing for third-string on the depth chart while fighting for playing time in the preseason.”

About how Washington did not trade or draft a QB, Colt said:
“You’re relieved in the sense that if they had [gotten a new quarterback] it obviously sets you back from the get-go. After all the work you’ve put in so far you automatically have to take a few steps back if that had happened. But now I can continue to build off of what I did last year and continue to make my mark.” (SC)

About what he learned from the scrutiny he had before the NFL draft, Colt said:
“The thing that I kind of learned throughout the draft process and even when I was going through high school and junior college was that it seemed like my whole life everyone said that I wasn’t good enough and I always said that I was going to be one of the best. As long as I held to that, it seemed like every time I got challenged where I got put out there on the field that’s exactly what I was able to do; prove that I could be one of the best.” (SC)

SC Note: “His performance in the 2008 preseason didn’t do anything to refute his assertions. In his first appearance in the Hall of Fame game against the Indianapolis Colts, Brennan went 9-10 for 163 yards and 2 touchdowns to finish with an impressive QB rating of 157.5 in the Redskins’ 30-16 win. After an ordinary performance against Buffalo a week later, Brennan went 4-5 for 79 yards and 1 touchdown with a QB rating of 158.3 against the New York Jets in the 13-10 Redskins win. Following another mediocre showing against the pressure defense of Carolina, Brennan played well against Jacksonville, going 13-18 for 119 yards with a respectable rating of 89.8. He finished the preseason 36-54 for 411 yards, with 3 touchdowns, a 67.9 completion percentage, and a QB rating of 109.9.”

About how he’s finally healthy, after rehabbing during the offseason after a procedure to correct a slight tear to the meniscus in his left knee, Colt said:
“This is the first time I’ve been healthy in a year and a half on a football field. I’ve had a major hip surgery and a small knee surgery and now I just got done with my rehabilitation on my knee. I haven’t felt healthy for a long time. When I played in the preseason last year I was 80-90 percent. I wasn’t even close to being completely healthy whereas this year when I get in preseason I should be completely 100 percent and should be a lot different quarterback on that football field.” (SC)

About how his footwork has improved but still has room to improve further, Colt said:
“I think I’ve come a long way with that. I’ve got a lot more depth with my drop now, a lot more smooth.” (SC)

SC Note: “The coaches would also like Brennan to throw in a more traditional manner, rather than his trademark sidearm motion. They are not making it a point of emphasis however and Brennan believes this is because of his accuracy.”

About how his coaches want him to change his throwing motion but haven’t pushed it too much so far, Colt said:
“I think the one thing is if people really notice, it’s not so much a consistent side-arm release. Sometimes I’m side-armed, sometimes I’m over the top. For me when I throw it’s a feel. It’s not really something that I think is technique. I think one thing that helps me is I’m so consistent on completing passes. I get the ball from point A to point B so consistently that they are not really out there to try and ruin that. That’s something you try and get a quarterback to have. I naturally have it, it just doesn’t look like everybody else.” (SC)

Confident in his ability and just hoping for a chance to show what he can do, Colt said:
“Once I get in there and if I can do some things in the preseason I can hopefully continue to show everybody that I belong in this league and can be a starting quarterback in this league. Right now I’m just trying to get big, refine my game, learn about this style of play in the NFL and really I guess it’s just me worrying about myself and worrying about what I can do. Like I said, when that opportunity comes it’s just taking it and running with it.” (SC)



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