Feature article on Kynan Forney

SDUT = San Diego Union-Tribune

About skipping free agency to sign a 2-year, $4.8 million deal with the Chargers, Kynan Forney said:
“The opportunity, the talent, the excitement with these guys.” (SDUT)

SDUT Note: “Forney, who started 89 games for the Atlanta Falcons between 2001 and 2007, has long been in the Chargers’ plans for 2009. Signed in September after the Falcons let him go in the final preseason cuts, he quietly has been penciled in as Mike Goff’s replacement for some time.”

About how Forney will compete with Louis Vasquez (San Diego drafted him in the third round in last weekend’s draft) for the starting RG spot, Norv Turner said:
“It will be a very competitive training camp for those guys.” (SDUT)

About competing for a starting spot, Forney said:
“I’m still working to have the right to play. It’s nice to have a shot again.” (SDUT)

SDUT Note: “But the Chargers are excited by his athleticism, strength and little bit of a nasty streak. And after a year on the sideline – active just three times and never playing – it is clear by the edge in his words that Forney has no intention of watching another year go by. Despite believing he eventually would provide an upgrade from Goff, the Chargers did not make a lineup move last season.”

About why they didn’t put Forney in the starting lineup last season, Turner said:
“The way things were, we had a veteran group that had been together.” (SDUT)

About not playing last season, Forney said:
“It was difficult last year, I ain’t going to lie. It was hard, being used to playing.” (SDUT)

SDUT Note: “He and Turner agree that he is much better positioned to make an impact now that he’s had a season to learn the Chargers’ terminology and participate in meetings and practices. And being able to learn during an offseason, everyone believes, will prove valuable as well. Forney contends he has no ill will against the Falcons but believes a new coaching staff there made up its mind about him last spring and he had no chance after that.”

About being released after playing seven seasons, Forney said:
“You know how the perception is when you get cut. People think you can’t play any more. That’s not the case.” (SDUT)

About how Forney might have something to prove after being cut by Atlanta, GM A.J. Smith said:
“You just leave it up to veteran players as far as their own thoughts and intentions about their career.” (SDUT)

About how being cut by Atlanta motivates him in San Diego, Forney said:
“I’m not (angry) with Atlanta. That’s the way the business is. To me it’s just more motivation. Sometimes you need something to happen to motivate you.” (SDUT)



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