Jim Zorn says that Colt Brennan needs to improve his accuracy?

Asked about Colt’s progress during mini-camp, Jim Zorn said:
“He’s moving better and he’s throwing harder than he did when he first got here last year. He’s learning the offense. He didn’t have a lot of reps last year, so now he’s actually under fire.” (redskins.com)

Asked what Colt needs to improve on this year, Zorn said:
“Accuracy. And just the knowledge of the offense. As he gets to know our offense better, he’ll become a better player.” (redskins.com)



2 Responses to “Jim Zorn says that Colt Brennan needs to improve his accuracy?”

  1. LizKauai Says:

    That quote gives me pause…

    If the Redskins are that blind to Colt, he might be better off with another franchise. I’m hoping that they are NOT blind to his abilities and the ‘Skins go for the gusto this season!

  2. LiVinon3x Says:

    It’s as obvious as can be that Zorn is still trying to sandbag on Brennan (in an effort to avoid a QB controversy), but to use “accuracy” as a need needing improvement is utterly stupid.

    What is also clear is that Zorn (whether he likes it or not) is married to Campbell and as a result, both of them will likely be gone after the 2009 season.

    Brennan’s future with the Redskins will be determined by who Snyder brings in. Hopefully for Brennan’s sake, it won’t be another bore from the “old guard”.

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