Eric Mangini talked about David Veikune

CPD = Cleveland Plain Dealer

Asked for his impressions of David Veikune, Browns coach Eric Mangini said:
“I’ve been really happy with what I’ve seen. He is fluid for someone his size, for someone who has limited exposure to standing up. In the morning we do the bag drill where they run through the bags; you guys have probably seen it over time. His ability to do those different, it’s a range of exercises so it could be shuffling through sideways, up and back, it’s all the different movements that you have in football. He went through that in a way more similar to a linebacker then a converted defensive end.” (CPD)

Asked if Veikune can make a quick transition to LB, Mangini said:
“With all the rookies you are hoping for as quick a transition as possible. I’ve found some that it clicks right away and some it takes a little bit longer before it really hits, so I never put a timetable on their development. What you are trying to do it just understand how they learn the fastest, what you can do to help facilitate that learning. Put them in all the positions they can possibly be in to expose them to as many different things as possible. Ideally get them with a really good mentor, an older guy that can teach them some of the tricks to the trade. If you get all of those things together and the guy has a great work ethic, attitude and can build on the information, then the transition is usually quicker. You also have to have a level of patience because not all of them are going to develop the same ways.” (CPD)

Asked if Eric Barton will be Veikune’s mentor, Mangini said:
“You are looking for ideally more than one because he can play some outside, he can play some inside. There’s going to be a sub element he could play. If you have pass rush ability, a lot of times you get a chance to sub a down lineman in any time in our system.” (CPD)


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