Davone Bess’ hopes to run the Wildcat ended with the Pat White draft

SFSS = South Florida Sun-Sentinel

About how the drafting of Pat White hurts his hopes to run the Wildcat (Bess was a QB in high school), Davone Bess said:
“I was always ready. But we’re lucky to get a great athlete who plays like that and could take our game to another level.” (SFSS)

Relating to undrafted free agents like NMSU’s Chris Williams and Tulsa’s Brennan Morris who are going to Miami’s rookie minicamp this weekend, Bess said:
“I just kept my eyes on the prize and understand that this is an opportunity and I wanted to make the best of it. Never take no for an answer. I stayed humble and focused on what I had to get done.” (SFSS)

SFSS Note: “Bess got it done all right, finishing with 54 catches, the second most by an undrafted college free agent receiver behind Jets’ Wayne Chrebet, who had 66 in 1995.”


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