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Davone Bess’ hopes to run the Wildcat ended with the Pat White draft

April 29, 2009

SFSS = South Florida Sun-Sentinel

About how the drafting of Pat White hurts his hopes to run the Wildcat (Bess was a QB in high school), Davone Bess said:
“I was always ready. But we’re lucky to get a great athlete who plays like that and could take our game to another level.” (SFSS)

Relating to undrafted free agents like NMSU’s Chris Williams and Tulsa’s Brennan Morris who are going to Miami’s rookie minicamp this weekend, Bess said:
“I just kept my eyes on the prize and understand that this is an opportunity and I wanted to make the best of it. Never take no for an answer. I stayed humble and focused on what I had to get done.” (SFSS)

SFSS Note: “Bess got it done all right, finishing with 54 catches, the second most by an undrafted college free agent receiver behind Jets’ Wayne Chrebet, who had 66 in 1995.”,0,2245590.story

Update on the Warriors from Mac

April 29, 2009

About how the team will continue its conditioning program until final exams to maintain the momentum from the spring, Mac said:
“I think this is really the push time. We have two more weeks to get better and we’re going to use every second and every day we have. This is where the work escalates. … They want to win the WAC championship and to do that you have to work to get better.” (HSB)

About how 10 of the 30 or so players that will be cut may be invited to join the team when classes start in the fall, Mac said:
“It’s really tough because there wasn’t a nonathlete on the field.” (HSB)

Happy that they had relatively few injuries, Mac said:
“I think it’s because of how hard they worked in the offseason.” (HSB)

About how Inoke did well at RB in the spring, Mac said:
“Inoke showed he can be a running back, that was something we really wanted to look at.” (HSB)

About their inexperienced D, Mac said:
“Defensively, the guys we have are good athletes and they ran well and tackled, they’re just inexperienced. We’re a little thin. It’s going to help to get Blaze (Soares) and Paipai (Falemalu) back with the linebackers and we’re getting a couple of guys who can help in the secondary.” (HSB)

Solomon Elimimian named Jack Bonham Award winner

April 29, 2009

HA Note: “Warrior football player Solomon Elimimian and Rainbow Wahine track and field “Germanator” Annett Wichmann, two of the most prolific athletes in University of Hawai’i history, were named Jack Bonham Award winners at last night’s Scholar-Athlete Dinner at the Stan Sheriff Center. The award is given annually to the top male and female senior student-athlete who “best exemplifies the ideals for which Jack Bonham stood for in the areas of athletic excellence, academic achievement, public service, leadership and character.” Bonham, former UH assistant athletics director, died in a 1974 plane crash.”

About how he had a difficult freshman year because he was homesick, Sol said:
“Hawai’i is totally different than South Central L.A.. I would spend $400 to come home for two or three days, that’s how homesick I was. But now I’m already starting to miss Hawai’i — how the people embraced me and treated me and my family … that’s something I’ll always be grateful for. It will always have a place in my heart.” (HA)

Wishing he enjoyed his college years more, Sol said:
“I remember all the guys telling me I was going to miss college, make the most of it, enjoy it, have fun. I didn’t realize that. I was so anxious to move to the next stage in my life so I didn’t take heed. The big thing I’d tell somebody now is to enjoy the time you have and understand it’s going to come to an end, and when it does you want to look back and know you used that time well.” (HA)