Warrior Notes from the Advertiser

About not being drafted, Sol (who will be at the Bills’ rookie camp this week) said:
“I don’t have time to think about that. I’m getting ready for this workout.” (HA)

About how Sol might get a free-agent contract if he does well enough, his agent Wynn Silberman said:
“They’re going to take a real strong look at him. We’ll see what happens.” (HA)

About having to earn a free agent contract, Sol said:
“Nothing has been easy for me. I’ve had to prove myself my entire life. This is another challenge.” (HA)

HA Note: “Another former UH linebacker, Adam Leonard, still had not received a firm free-agent offer.”

Marcus Robinson (Titans’ defensive secondary coach) said that he expects Ryan Mouton to contribute this season and then compete for a:
“starting job in 2010.” (HA)

About Mouton’s hamstring injury, Robinson said:
“We’re not worried about that.” (HA)

About why he strongly recommended drafting Mouton, Robinson said:
“He has great burst, and he’s tough. He plays bigger than his size. He’s a vicious hitter. He makes plays. I think he’s going to make as much of an impact for us as our first pick.” (HA)

HA Note: “The Titans have two aggressive cornerbacks, but Nick Harper will be 34 this year.”

HA Note: “Spring training ended with the past Saturday’s Warrior Bowl at Aloha Stadium. But the offseason conditioning program resumes next week, with workouts set for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.”

Mac said that their conditioning program will take a break for a week for final exams:
“then we’ll start the summer workouts.” (HA)

HA Note: ‘McMackin and his assistant coaches have finalized the 105-player roster for training camp. By meeting the NCAA roster limit, about 30 players who practiced this spring will not be invited to training camp, which starts Aug. 3.”

About telling the players that they are cut during meetings with their position coaches this week, Mac said:
“It’s really tough. It’s the toughest thing about the job. You’re breaking a guy’s heart. But it comes down to a numbers game.” (HA)

HA Note: “The roster may expand Aug. 24, the first day of UH’s fall semester. McMackin said about 10 players will be added. McMackin said his staff is crafting “starting points” — a tentative depth chart. Greg Alexander will be listed as the No. 1 quarterback. Running backs Inoke Funaki, who started six games at quarterback last season, and Leon Wright-Jackson will be “bracketed” at No. 1. The No. 1 offensive line is this: left tackle Aaron Kia, left guard Ray Hisatake, center John Estes, right guard Raphael Ieru and right tackle Laupepa Letuli.”

HA Note: “Chris Williams will be the Warriors’ video coordinator, succeeding Ryan Biesemeyer, who accepted a job as an assistant coach at Texas Lutheran. Williams is a former UH linebacker. He is engaged to former UH softball player Kaulana Gould.”

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