Ron Lee says this should be Leon Wright-Jackson’s year

About how this should be LWJ’s year, offensive coordinator Ron Lee said:
“I’m anxious to see him going into this season. This should be his year.” (HA)

About the expectations for him for the season, LWJ said:
“I’m trying to think about it one day at a time right now.” (HA)

About LWJ, Ron Lee said:
“He has been working hard; he’s been quiet.” (HA)

About his struggles during his sophomore season, LWJ said:
“I tried to come out and do too much right away.” (HA)

About LWJ’s struggles with injuries last season, Ron Lee said:
“He’d get hurt on the first play or in the first quarter, something.” (HA)

About his 4 rushes for 39 yards in the Warrior Bowl, LWJ said:
“Best I’ve felt in a long time.” (HA)


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