Quotes from the Warrior Bowl reports

HA Note: “In UH’s intrasquad Warrior Bowl yesterday at Aloha Stadium, slotback Jon Medeiros threw the go-ahead 50-yard option pass to wideout Jovonte Taylor for a touchdown to lift the Ron Lee-coached Makai to a 28-26 victory over Cal Lee-led Mauka. The game, before 3,726, marked the final day of spring training.”

About the trick play Ron used with Medeiros, Cal Lee said:
“He kept his mouth quiet. He didn’t tell me anything. I knew about another trick play, but he didn’t run it.” (HA)

HA Note: “With Mauka leading 26-22 and about 11 minutes left in the third quarter, Manoa chancellor Virginia Hinshaw suggested that Ron Lee call the trick play. Makai quarterback Bryant Moniz lateraled to Medeiros, who had run a bubble route to the right. With the defensive secondary moving up, Medeiros threw to Taylor at the 10. Taylor sprinted the rest of the way to complete the scoring play and give Makai the lead, 28-26.”

About scoring the game-winning TD, Taylor said:
“Nobody was going to catch me. He underthrew it a little bit, but it worked out.” (HA)

About how he was wearing gloves when throwing the pass, Medeiros said:
“I feel better with my gloves on.” (HA)

About how he was a QB at Kapolei High School, Medeiros said:
“High school reminiscing.” (HA)

About his surprise when they called his play, Medeiros said:
“I was on the sideline and I thought I was done for the game. All of a sudden, he’s like, ‘Let’s run the Medeiros Special.’ So I went in, buckled up and just ran it.” (HSB)

About how Ron Lee came up with the play, Medeiros said:
“It was Coach Ron’s idea. Thursday at practice we were trying to think of a trick play. We were running bubble screens the whole game, so everybody was biting and sure enough we ran the trick play and got the big one.” (HSB)

HA Note: “Ron Lee suggested the play during a Makai meeting Thursday. Brent Rausch, Makai’s starting quarterback, was given the full details. But the backups were kept in the dark.”

About how he wasn’t told about the trick play until the Warrior Bowl, Moniz said:
“I didn’t even practice it. But it worked out perfectly. Right when I tossed it to Jon, I saw the defense coming up. I knew it would get exciting.” (HA)

About how they didn’t even practice the trick play, Ron Lee said:
“We just talked about (the play), but we didn’t practice it. That’s probably the best way. It worked out. Maybe we’re coaching too much. They just need to go out and execute.” (HA)

HA Note: “It was the second year in a row UH’s offensive coordinator defeated the defensive coordinator.”

About how their DBs should learn from being burned on the play, Cal Lee said:
“I tell you what, it was a hell of a play, something that we’ll learn from. As DBs, we have to play the pass. It’s not a trick play, gosh almighty, if you drop back.” (HA)

About catching a pass in the right flat and making a defender miss before running untouched the rest of the way for his 70-yard TD on the game’s opening play, Blount said:
“The first guy who comes up and tries to tackle me is going to miss nine times out of 10. I was a little amped, a little hyped up.” (HA)

About how his success in the Warrior Bowl was helped by Friday’s off day, Taylor said:
“I got my legs right, and my body got the rest it needed.” (HA)

HA Note: “Austin and wideout Billy Ray Stutzmann collaborated on a 58-yard scoring pass. Stutzmann, aligned on the right, was given a “choice” route. He faked the cornerback to the outside, ran part of a post route, then sprinted straight ahead. He chased down Austin’s pass.”

About the 58-yard TD pass to Billy Ray Stutzmann, Shane Austin said:
“He made a great catch. He set the corner. I look at that. That’s my first read. If he sets (the corner) nice, I’ll come back to him. He left the corner in the dust. I just gave him a chance, and he made a great catch. He’s young, but he doesn’t play like he is. He has some great speed and some great hands. You can count on him.” (HA)

About how he might not redshirt, Billy Ray said:
“If they want me to play, I’ll play. It’s up to the coaches. … I feel great out there. Guys have been taking care of me. It feels great to compete for a spot.” (HA)

HA Note: “Stutzmann still plans to participate in Saint Louis’ graduation ceremony next month. Whether he attends what should be his senior prom is another matter.”

About why he might not attend his senior prom, Billy Ray smiled and said:
“I have to find a date.” (HA)

About his 6-yard TD run, Inoke said:
“I accidentally tripped. It was an accident. I didn’t mean to. But it worked out.” (HA)

About how he struggled during their first series because his feet was taped too tightly, Inoke said:
“They were numb. I had to loosen it.” (HA)

Praising their offense during the game, Mac said:
“I thought the offense did a great job.” (HSB)

About how their D had trouble stopping the offense, Mac said:
“We didn’t game-plan, we played base. We can fix all that up. All we need is 11 guys to run to the football and hit somebody. When we split them up, it gets a little thinner.” (HSB)

HSB Note: “Eight receivers had receptions of 20 yards or longer. Slotback Corey Paclebar was the busiest of the bunch with seven catches for 51 yards, most coming in the second half, when the backups got most of the action. Taylor was the yardage leader with 135, the bulk coming on a 52-yard connection from Moniz and the 50-yard game-winner.”

About the competition for playing time at WR, Taylor said:
“We have a lot of depth in receivers and a lot of speed as well. We’re all competing for that No. 1 spot, so it’s all on who wants it the most. You have to be hungry for it.” (HSB)

About the tough decisions the coaches have to make, Ron Lee said:
“We’re going to have to do a good job of evaluating. The offseason’s going to be critical — how they come back, how they work. They’re great guys, they all work hard, now we have to make some tough calls.” (HSB)

About the importance of working hard during the offseason, Medeiros said:
“We had fun today, but all the fun and games are over. Now it’s time to put in work. This is where the work begins and this is where everyone’s out there grinding trying to keep their positions on the depth chart.” (HSB)

About his 70-yard TD on the first play of the game, Blount said:
“Some of the guys on the other team were talking a lot of stuff before the game. It was all set up. Coach said, ‘first play score.’ We scored.” (HSB)

HSB Note: “Senior Leon Wright-Jackson turned in a tough 21-yard gain in the second quarter and finished with 39 yards on four carries. Converted quarterback Inoke Funaki averaged 4.2 yards on his five carries, including a 6-yard touchdown run for Mauka.”

About LWJ’s success running in the game, Ron Lee said:
“Leon made some good runs along with Funaki. That’s big because (defenses) have to focus in on the running game a little. here’s a lot of things we can do.” (HSB)

Happy that the finished the without many injuries, Mac said:
“I’ve seen teams devastated by injuries during the spring that hurt you in the fall. But I’m really happy about that.” (HSB)

HSB Note: “Tony Tuioti, the Warriors’ director of player personnel, estimated between 60 and 70 high school players and their families attended UH’s junior day yesterday morning. He said more showed up for the game after competing in yesterday’s prep track meets. The players heard from McMackin, athletic director Jim Donovan and UH-Manoa chancellor Virginia Hinshaw and later met with position coaches.”

About their Junior Day, Tony Tuioti said:
“Overall it was a real positive experience for all those who attended. We tried to give them all different angles and perspectives.” (HSB)

About the panel discussion they had with the parents of the Juniors and current Warrior players, Tuioti said:
“Nothing was edited, nothing was scripted. It was awesome.” (HSB)





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