Interview with David Veikune in the Cleveland Leader

CL = Cleveland Leader

Asked if he thinks he’ll be playing LB with the Browns, David Veikune said:
“Yeah, definitely linebacker. Wherever they need me though, that’s where I’m going to go.” (CL)

Asked how his family ended up in Hawaii, Veikune said:
“Growing up, my mom was a pharmacist and to get promoted we had to move around a lot. Our final destination though was going to be Hawaii and we finally got to Hawaii and that was one of the reasons also why I chose the University of Hawaii because it’s my home and now I’m going to make Cleveland my home.” (CL)

Asked about his experience at LB, Veikune said:
“At Hawaii we dropped a lot in zone coverages and things of that nature. Also, in high school I played a little bit of linebacker but it is a new position for me and I know I need to come and work extra hard to get a lot more natural in that aspect and stuff like that. It’s definitely a new position for me and I’m really excited.” (CL)

Asked if he knew the Browns were interested in him, Veikune said:
“I actually met with (Eric) Mangini when I was down in California and it was a really productive meeting. I had a little dinner with him, we had room service and stuff like that, but it was a really good meeting. I really felt a connection with him.” (CL)

Asked about going from the WAC to the NFL, Veikune said:
“The NFL, that’s where all the best players are. I feel like the WAC also has a lot of very productive players that come out of it, the NFL though, that’s where the top players are and I’m just honored to be one of those people now.” (CL)

Asked where he was during the draft, Veikune said:
“I’m actually on a golf course (in Hawaii) right now but I’m going back home right now. I wanted to get my mind off everything, but I’ll go watch the T.V. right now.” (CL)

Asked if he was surprised that he was drafted on the first day, Veikune said:
“Yeah, it’s a surprise that I had no idea where I was going to be taken, the first day or second day. I was just happy and whatever team picked me up I’m going to just work my hardest and that’s it.” (CL)

Asked what type of player he was in Hawaii, Veikune said:
“I was a player that played everything, whatever the coaches needed me to play, whether it was nose guard, defensive end, and just a relentless player that doesn’t take a play off, gets to the quarterback and makes big hits.” (CL)

Asked if golfing helped to get his mind off draft day, Veikune said:
“It definitely worked but this is only the second time I’ve been golfing and it wasn’t pretty good out there. I think I had my mind still thinking about the draft and stuff like that.” (CL)


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