Jake Ingram is anxiously waiting the draft

Sounding quite anxious about the draft, Jake Ingram said:
“It’s definitely getting harder to sleep and I’m getting anxious and I’m starting to think about that day more and more.” (KGMB)

About how he came to UH to play DL, Ingram said:
“Even when I did change and Coach Jones was like you really have some potential to be a great long snapper, I was like ‘yeah right. Just let me play.'” (KGMB)

About long snapping, Ingram said:
“I compare myself or like long snappers in general, we’re like snippers. You gotta go in and you got your one shot and if you miss you mess it up for your whole team. If you hit like you’re supposed to nobody notices. That’s what you’re supposed to do.” (KGMB)

About his strengths as a long snapper, Ingram said:
“Definitely my accuracy, and my ability to block on either side and my ability to get down the field and cover. It’s definitely bonuses and pluses for me.” (KGMB)

About how long snappers are not normally drafted, Ingram said:
“I think there’s been one guy drafted in the last 3 years which was last year a guy Tyler Schmitt. But maybe it’ll happen for me.” (KGMB)

KGMB Note: “So far New England, Seattle and Kansas City are some of the teams who have talked to Ingram the most.”



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