Feature on backup QBs Rausch and Austin

About how his arm problems last Fall were due to strenuous work in the first week of training camp, Rausch said:
“We were throwing, like, a thousand balls a day.” (HA)

About how he’s gained more than 10 pounds via their strength and conditioning program and has no concerns with arm fatigue, Rausch said:
“Everything’s fine.” (HA)

About completing 7 of 8 passes during their 2-minute drill yesterday, Shane Austin discussed a ricochet that he caught:
“I was wide open.” (HA)

HA Note: “One of the completions — a 27-yarder to a leaping Greg Salas — was nullified because of a questionable false start. He also was ruled to have been “sacked” twice, despite protests from Makai teammates.”

About plays being blown dead when a defender is near, similar to phantom tags in baseball, John Estes said:
“The defense loves fly-bys. How do you make a sack from 2 yards away?” (HA)

About the two-minute drill, Austin said:
“It was fun.” (HA)

About how the spring has gone well, Mac said:
“It’s been a productive spring. The last couple of days we’ve had some fun bringing them together.” (HA)


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