David Veikune and Josh Leonard await the NFL draft

About how playing in the NFL has been his dream, David Veikune said:
“The main thing is it’s always been my dream to play in the NFL, so moving to do that is going to be another journey and I’m going to enjoy it. It’s been a crazy road. I’m just thankful for everything I’ve gotten.” (HSB)

HSB Note: “After participating in Hawaii’s pro day on April 2, Veikune’s schedule of team visits kept him on the go as he criss-crossed the country to Philadelphia, Denver, Tennessee and Miami.”

About visiting with so many NFL teams, Veikune said:
“At least I got some frequent-flier miles off of it. It was pretty tiring, plus the time change. I tried to stay in shape. I’d always try to run and lift everywhere I went.” (HSB)

HSB Note: “Veikune’s name has popped up as a possible third- or fourth-round pick, and he said he’s received calls from most of the teams in the league making sure they have his contact information for the weekend.”

Asked for where he prefers to play at, Veikune said:
“Who doesn’t like to be in a warm place? But if I’m in the cold, hey, I’m going to embrace it.” (HSB)

Asked what he’ll be doing during the draft, Veikune said:
“I’m not completely sure what I’m going to do, maybe golf or something like that. Just get my mind off stuff.” (HSB)

About how NFL interest in him increased after UH’s Pro Day, Josh Leonard said:
“Before (pro day) I still had a good amount of teams interested. The pro day helped solidify me hopefully as a late-round pick or a free agent.” (HSB)

HSB Note: “Leonard said he’s heard from about 20 teams since pro day and could play tackle in a 4-3 alignment, as he did at Hawaii, or end in a 3-4 front.”



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