David Veikune is not nervous about the draft

About how he’s not nervous about the draft, David Veikune said:
“I’m not nervous at all right now because I haven’t been thinking about it. You know, I’ve been working out just to get my mind off of everything. I’m not really nervous right now.” (KGMB)

About how scouts have labeled him a “tweener”, Veikune said:
“During the Senior Bowl, they were calling me a ‘tweener’ and said I could play linebacker or defensive end. That’s why a lot of my personal workouts have been all linebacker stuff because they’ve seen me and they know I can play defensive end already, they just want to see if i can drop into coverage and stuff like that.” (KGMB)

Asked what he’ll be doing on draft day, Veikune said:
“Saturday, I’m going to be golfing with my dad, the first time I golfed was last week so it was fun. A little hot though four or five hours in the sun.” (KGMB)



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