Warrior coaches are optimistic about the new secondary

About their new players in the secondary (all the starters completed their eligibility and none of the players competing for starting positions have started for UH before), Mac said:
“I think they have excellent talent, they can run, they’re all good athletes, it’s just a matter of playing together, communicating and playing with emotion.” (KHNL)

About their new players in the secondary, Rich Miano said:
“These are going to be four guys that when the lights go on against Central Arkansas, they have never taken a rep most likely, so there’s some anxiety that’s why we’re blessed to have three scrimmages were having, the last one being at Aloha Stadium, because we want to see them under more pressure, live bullets so to speak, the intensity of the fans, all that stuff that comes with the game, so they need to get game experience quick.” (KHNL)

About how they are working on their consistency, Spencer Smith said:
“It’s better to be consistently good than occasionally great, so that’s what we’re tying to do, get consistency down so we don’t give up all those big plays that we gave up last year, and we’re trying to bond together as a unit as a secondary and hopefully get some good play.” (KHNL)

About how their DBs are working hard and learning from their coaches, Jeramy Bryant said:
“We’re young, we understand we’re young so we gotta stay around the coaches as much as possible, but everybody here is willing to be coached, there’s no sore thumbs, no guys who come out and say well I got hurt I can’t go today, everybody gives 100 percent to the team, and if we just continue to do that, sky is the limit for this unit.” (KHNL)



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