Mel Kiper praised Jacob Ingram, says Jake will be drafted in the 5th or 6th round

USA = USA Today

Praising Jake Ingram, Mel Kiper said:
“Jacob Ingram out of Hawaii is a very good long snapper, so he’s probably going to get drafted in the fifth, sixth round.” (USA)

USA Note: “Ingram, 6-3, 235 pounds, is taking the wait-and-see approach. But about a third of the snappers in the NFL last season were drafted in rounds four through seven. He’s rated the top snapper by”

About the predictions that he will be drafted, Ingram said:
“You never know until draft day.” (USA)

USA Note: “He was a backup defensive end as a walk-on freshman at Hawaii. He hadn’t been a high school snapper in Mililani, Hawaii, but he’d always had a knack for it. As a freshman, he helped Hawaii senior snapper Tanuvasa “T.J.” Moe with his warm-up. In the process, Ingram snapped himself. In a game that season, Moe (also a linebacker) hurt his hand. Then-Hawaii coach June Jones turned to Ingram.”

About JJ approaching him to long-snap for UH, Ingram said:
“He was like, “Can you do it for us?’ I was like, “Yeah, I’ll do it.’ So I went in, started snapping.” (USA)

About how he can deliver a 15-yard punt snap in 0.7 seconds (where 0.8 is considered solid in the NFL), Ingram said:
“I’m anywhere from between 0.65 seconds to 0.7.” (USA)

Asked how many snaps he botched at UH, Ingram said:
“I didn’t have any. I’ve had like two (one on a punt and one on a place-kick) that went through our guys hands. That’s about it.” (USA)


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  1. LizKauai Says:

    dang, you mean I have to agree with Mel Kiper for once?


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