Mana Lolotai has earned some first team reps at MLB

About the extra running he’s been doing, Mana Lolotai said:
“Coach Cal (Lee) said the LBs have to be the most in-shape guys on the field. Coach expects a lot out of us as linebackers so we have to make sure we push ourselves.” (HSB)

HSB Note: “Lolotai put in a solid day’s work last Saturday and alternated with senior Brashton Satele at middle linebacker in yesterday’s practice. Lolotai has been working primarily with the second unit during the spring, but got a few repetitions with the first unit after an impressive performance in last Saturday’s scrimmage.”

About getting reps at MLB with the first team D, Lolotai said:
“We have to know how to play with each other. Playing with the ones, I get that more fast-paced tempo.” (HSB)

About Brashton Satele and Mana Lolotai both being at MLB, Mac said:
“They’re two of our best players so we just have to find a spot for them. They’re probably two of our top five players this spring.” (HSB)

About how he didn’t get many breaks during Saturday’s scrimmage, Lolotai said:
“It was a mental gut check, you have to dig deep.” (HSB)

About how he spends time with his 2-year-old daughter (Zaiah) when he’s not in classes, meetings, or practice, Lolotai said:
“It keeps me more grounded, I have to be more focused. Not only do I have football, but I have responsibilities at home, too. It kind of works hand in hand.” (HSB)


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  1. chad ikei Says:

    Congrats Mana! We’re all so proud of you! Hawaii fans watch this kid as he continues to develop. He has all the tools to become a great LB in college and on to the next level. A very humble and dedicated individual, but will knock your head off downhill. Keep the discipline and focus Mana and we’ll be watching you from AZ. Aloha, Da Ikei’s

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