All but three starting positions are still available

About how all but 3 starting jobs are still open, Mac said:
“Every job is open except three.” (HA)

About how only C Estes, QB Alexander, and DE Fonoti have nailed down starting jobs, Mac said:
“Everything else is competition. And that’s good. Competition is making us better.” (HA)

HA Note: “McMackin said the Warriors are “2 1/2 deep” at each of the four receiver positions. McMackin said he is not ready to declare the starting guards and tackles on the offensive line, whose No. 1 unit has remained intact all spring.”

Mac praised the skill and athletic ability of the D, but said that the D is:
“not playing with emotion. That usually comes from leaders. If somebody makes a good play, everyone on defense needs to let that guy know he made a good play. Everyone is competing so hard for their positions, they haven’t gotten to that point yet. That point will come naturally, and leaders will be born.” (HA)

About how the depth chart will be fluid until the second week of Fall camp, Mac said:
“We may have to list some people No. 1 as starting points, but everything is open until the second week of training camp, with the exception of three positions.” (HA)


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