Jeramy Bryant learned that Mac will not tolerate taunting

About how he had the biggest hit during team drills, when he knocked down Ryan Henry (who held on for the reception), Jeramy Bryant said:
“It was a good hit, but what happened after got me in trouble.” (HA)

About how he stood over Henry, getting an unsportmanalike penalty, Bryant said:
“It was a mistake, and I learned from it right away.” (HA)

About his close friendship with Henry, who he knew when they attended JCs in California, Bryant said:
“We’re always getting real competitive with each other in video games and in the weight room. He’s like my brother. It’s a friendly competition. It wasn’t anything dirty.” (HA)

About how Bryant’s hit was clean, Henry said:
“We’re cool. We don’t hold grudges. We go out and play hard. I don’t expect him to do anything else. And I’m glad I held on. It was a good play on both sides.” (HA)

About how he will not tolerate any taunting, Mac said:
“I’m not going to put up with any of that stuff. I checked with the officials here and on Maui last week. We’re going to cut down on penalties. We had 28 holding penalties last year. (Offensive line coach) Gordy Shaw is doing a good job, making sure our hands are in when we block. We have four practices left to continue to get better.” (HA)


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