Feature on Brent Rausch

HSB Note: “The same week he was dubbed the chosen one to lead the Warriors into The Swamp against Florida, Rausch’s laser-like accuracy abandoned him at an Aloha Stadium scrimmage. A sore arm was blamed, and we rarely saw him again. Greg Alexander, Inoke Funaki and Tyler Graunke all started games, but not Rausch.”

hsB Note: “That Brennan-like run came after Rausch had thrown an interception to end his first series, making the streak of success all the more impressive to the UH coaches. The wide-eyed JC-transfer sophomore was prone to more mistakes after making one. The rising junior with the playbook on speed dial shakes them off.”

About Rausch, who completed 7 straiaght passes after throwing an INT to end his first series in the scrimmage, Mac said:
“His attitude is great. He didn’t have a particularly good scrimmage on Maui last week, but he came back and had a great week. We’ve still got to look at the tape, but I think he had a good one today.” (HSB)

HSB Note: “The numbers look pretty sweet: 10-for-13 for 90 yards. After the pick, 8-for-9.”

About Rausch, Rolo said:
“Brent’s got an arm not a whole lot of guys have. He’s worked on his discipline and his consistency. He’s got a gun, but we want him to anticipate more.” (HSB)

About how Rausch wasn’t ready to take over from Colt last year, Rolo said:
“That probably didn’t help him at that point. He put some stuff on himself. He had to learn to let it go, and he has.” (HSB)

Asked for his take on what happened with him last year, Rausch said:
“Over with.” (HSB)

About going from the #1 QB in camp to not playing, Rausch said:
“It was definitely a learning experience. I was humbled, going from last on the depth chart to the top and back down.” (HSB)

HSB Note: “Rausch is steadier. His shoulders don’t hunch after a bad play anymore. Teammates and coaches notice that kind of thing, especially when it’s a quarterback.”

About how experience is very helpful in their offense, Rolo said:
“It’s amazing what a year of experience will do in this offense.” (HSB)



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