Feature on WRs Rodney Bradley and Mike Tinoco

About the post pattern he ran yesterday for a long scoring pass, where he was at least 3 yards ahead of the CB and S when he caught the pass, Rodney Bradley said:
“I like running the post. It’s an easier route for me. I get to use my speed.” (HA)

About his scoring pass to Bradley, Greg Alexander said:
“We actually called a post lock on that play. It was a great call for that coverage. He just beat the (corner), really. I had to get it to him. He’s a fast guy. I just had to put some air under (the pass) and let him run under it.” (HA)

About how Salas will play at either slot or wideout, Mac said:
“He can play both. He’s quick enough to play inside, and he gives us a big target there. We can use him like (the New England Patriots) use Randy Moss.” (HA)

About how Mike Tinoco has been practicing as a #2 wideout recently, Mac said:
“He’s really coming on. He’s doing some good things.” (HA)

HA Note: “Tinoco arrived in Hawai’i in May 2008 after completing his studies at Saddleback. He participated in the summer conditioning program and all of the unsupervised passing drills. Despite the head start, he struggled to master the routes and read defenses. Near the end of training camp, McMackin suggested that Tinoco consider redshirting.”

About how he benefited by redshirting and being on their scout team offense last season, Tinoco said:
“I was going against guys like Ryan Mouton. It was great work.” (HA)

About how Tinoco is “playing faster” because he understands the offense better, Ron Lee said:
“He’s doing a good job. We’re giving him a lot of reps, and he’s getting better. We’re still battling to set the depth chart. There’s nothing set yet.” (HA)

About how he’s better this year, Tinoco said:
“I’m not really making mistakes like I did last year.” (HA)

HA Note: “He also has been helped by switching majors, from civil engineering to business, with an emphasis on accounting. The business school accepted most of his junior-college credits.”

About how he did his taxes (he worked for 4 months at a hardware store last year) this year, Tinoco said:
“I got some money back. That was pretty sweet.” (HA)


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