Feature on R.J. Kiesel-Kauhane

About how he talked with his cousin Blaze about how it would be great for them to both start at OLB for the Warriors, RJ said:
“Growing up as kids we were always talking about sports every time we’d see each other. When we first came (to UH) he was talking to me about how cool it would be for both of us to be starting on opposite sides and it would be good for the family. Hopefully he gets better and I stay healthy.” (HSB)

About how Sol and Adam left some big shoes to fill, Cal Lee said about RJ that “his feet are getting bigger” and:
“I just think it’s his time. Last year is last year, and we love the guys we had last year. But it’s R.J.’s time.” (HSB)

Not taking a starting spot for granted, considering things “always in pencil”, RJ said:
“It makes you work harder just knowing your job is not promised.” (HSB)

HSB Note: “Kiesel-Kauhane is among the strongest members of the team, but he focused more of his energy on developing speed rather than strength in preparing for his senior season. He went through a regimen of agility drills and plyometrics designed to enhance his quickness.”

About working on his quickness instead of strength this offseason, RJ said:
“I didn’t want to get too bulky like the previous years. I was coming in strong, but my speed wasn’t how I wanted it to be. The speed workouts helped me, I can feel it. I’m not second-guessing my speed any more, but there’s always room for improvement.” (HSB)

HSB Note: “That’s not to say he sacrificed much in strength. Kiesel-Kauhane bench-pressed 5 pounds less in testing this spring than he did a year ago, but still maxed out at a robust 450 pounds, good for second on the team behind defensive tackle Tuika Tufaga’s 455. He ranked in the top five on the team in most of the categories tested.”

About how Cory Paredes has been working opposite RJ with the first team with Blaze out with injury and Paipai limited to noncontact drills, Cal Lee said:
“Cory can run and he’s shown he can play.” (HSB)



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