Feature on Raphael Ieru

About working hard to come back from his knee injury and weight problems from earlier in his Warrior career, Ieru said:
“You have to push yourself even harder. That’s the beauty of it, at the same time you gain a work ethic.” (HSB)

About how Ieru and Ginlack are battling for the starting RG spot, with Ieru ahead right now, Gordy Shaw said:
“It’s still a really good battle there, but Ralph’s living up to the challenge. Fundamentally he’s doing really well. He’s still holding it down. I suspect that position will go right through fall camp with a good competition with him and Bulla.” (HSB)

HSB Note: “Ieru was a second-team all-state pick as a senior at McKinley and chose Hawaii over Arizona State in 2005. But he was hit from the side during a practice his freshman year and suffered a tear in his meniscus. He battled his knee and his weight over the next few years, and reported at 320 pounds for the spring. Ieru – who entered the program at 365 as a freshman – would like to shed a few more by the fall while maintaining his strength.”

About how he wants to lose weight before the season, Ieru said:
“You want to lose weight, but you want to lose the bad weight. This year we had great training in the offseason so I feel good. (The knee) hasn’t been bothering me, so I just make sure I ice that bad boy every day.” (HSB)

About how Ieru is much better now because of his improved conditioning, Shaw said:
“He’s much quicker, he’s got more staying power. His conditioning has allowed him to go 10, 15 plays if we need to and he’s not getting tired and he’s really running hard downfield.” (HSB)

HSB Note: “Ieru’s improved conditioning stems from watching his intake more carefully and an offseason regimen that included twice-a-day workouts with teammates Ray Hisatake, Clayton Laurel, Kahai Choy and Daniel Otineru. After a morning workout, the group would gather again in the afternoon for an extra dose of running, lifting or plyometrics.”

About their two-a-day workouts, Ieru said:
“We say the best time to work out is when you’re tired. That’s how you’ll be able to fight through adversity.” (HSB)

Praising Ieru, John Estes said:
“The thing about Ralph is he’s a really smart guy and always knew what to do and the techniques. He’s really motivated and just really good to play next to because he just knows his stuff. … I really trust him.” (HSB)



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