Shane Austin benifitted by being the scout team QB last yeara

About being their scout team QB last year, Shane Austin said:
“I wanted to get work going against a starting defense.” (HSB)

About how being their scout team QB helped him, Austin said:
“In the offseason we can do as many reps as we want in 7-on-7, but you don’t really get the full look with linemen. So that definitely helped me, having a full line, feeling where the pocket is.” (HSB)

Praising Austin’s performance in their scrimmage, Rolo said:
“He throws a great ball, he has good knowledge, showed some good poise and presence.” (HSB)

About the benefit players get from being on the scout team, Rolo said:
“I tell those (scout team) guys, ‘You’re going to go against the best defense we have every day, three days at least in a game week.’ … Having a head coach (Greg McMackin) who’s on the defensive side of the ball a lot, that’s a great opportunity to show him you can play.” (HSB)

About how the game is slowing down for him, Austin said:
“Before everything kind of seemed blurry because everything was going so fast. But now that I got all that work I feel more comfortable when I drop back. I can feel the pocket and slide up into it. … Everything’s kind of slowing down for me now.” (HSB)

HSB Note: “Austin’s father, Dave, regularly works with professional athletes on honing the mental side of the game, and has had a prominent part in shaping his outlook on his role with the Warriors.”

About how his Dad works with him every night, Austin said:
“He calls me pretty much every night and gets me mentally prepared for every day.” (HSB)

About how he loves going to practice, Austin said:
“It’s been a journey, but I’m enjoying every day of it and have fun with it. I love football so much. I love coming out to practice. I enjoy every part of it.” (HSB)

HSB Note: “Alexander usually takes four repetitions in team periods, followed by Rausch and Austin with two each.”

Not worried about how many reps he gets, Austin said:
“In the meeting room we’re all students of the game and when I come out to practice, whenever they tell me to go in I go in. I’m not trying to worry about reps or anything. Just trying to make each play my best play.” (HSB)


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