JD planas to have more UH sporting events on neighbor islands

About how the success of their Maui scrimmage will mean that more UH sporting events will be held on neighbor islands, JD said:
“It’s almost a certainty. Like I said when I got hired, this is Hawaii’s team.” (HSB)

About how major improvements (including 6,500 more seats) would have to be made to War Memorial Stadium before UH could hold a regular-season football game on Maui, JD said:
“We’d look at football, but there has to be at least 22,000 seats before it can begin to possibly be economically feasible. It would also have to be a year when we have eight home games.” (HSB)

HSB Note: “Men’s and women’s volleyball, softball and baseball are more likely to play regular-season competitions on the neighbor islands. UH has already held golf tournaments on Kauai and the Big Island.”

About how he likes the idea of having Maui host a football game but agrees that renovations are needed to the stadium (which seats 15,500), State senator Shan Tsutsui (Wailuku-Kahului on Maui) said:
“Realistically it’d be a challenge. There would have to be improvements, including the P.A. and the seating. But something like this shows the university they have our support on Maui.” (HSB)

About how their fans on Maui support them via PPV since it is hard for them to get to home games on Oahu, JD said:
“Maui really supports us, especially with pay-per-view, and we wanted to say thank you.” (HSB)



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