Raphael Ieru feels a sense of urgency to reach his potential in his senior year

HA Note: “As a McKinley High senior, Ieru was one of the top prospects when he signed with UH in February 2005. But he suffered a torn meniscus in his right knee when he was sideswiped during a running drill, and underwent arthroscopic surgery. Rehabilitation was about three months; it took his career nearly four years to recover.”

About his difficult Warrior career, Ieru said:
“I had to learn from all of the mistakes and stupid things I did.” (HA)

About how he weighed 365 pounds when he first enrolled at UH, Ieru said:
“I wasn’t really training after high school. That was my fault.” (HA)

HA Note: “The excessive weight, he believed, put added strain on his knees. He began to reduce his weight through exercise and diet last year. Now he follows a strict regimen. He eats lean protein (no more than 15 grams of fat each day), salads with light dressing, and he works out twice daily. He now weighs 315. He also is the No. 1 right guard.”

About his sense of urgency to perform at his best this year, Ieru said:
“I could hear people talking on the side about the expectations they had for me. I wasn’t performing at my best last year. This year is different. It’s my last year. I have a sense of urgency.” (HA)


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