Mac is happy with new Warrior coaches Chris Tormey and Gordy Shaw

Happy with the additions of Tormey and Shaw to his staff, Mac said:
“I think they’re great teachers, both of them are outstanding, that’s why they’ve been so successful, they’ve really upgraded our staff.” (KHNL)

About the improvement of the OL, OL coach Shaw said:
“I see a lot of great effort, and they’re really picking up the changes we’ve made protection wise and as you can see we’re giving out quarterbacks a much cleaner pocket to work in and throw the ball down the field with.” (KHNL)

About their secondary, new special teams (and safety) coach Tormey said:
“We’re (the secondary) really inexperienced right now, but the good news is we go against one of the best offenses in the country in terms of throwing the football and we know if we can play well against our offense, we can play well against anybody.” (KHNL)


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