Feature on Shane Austin

About how when he was 9 he would stand against a wall with his right hand raised and then swing his hand down, slapping the wall with his right palm, Shane Austin said:
“I would do that maybe 100 times.” (HA)A

HA Note: “That childhood drill helped develop a passer’s wrist snap, and, these days, Austin throws what UH quarterbacks coach Nick Rolovich calls “the prettiest pass.” Coupled with his knowledge of the four-wide offense, Austin has ascended to No. 3 on the depth chart. What’s more, the third-year sophomore will be placed on football scholarship in August.”

Shane Austin remembers watching an ESPN telecast of a UH game several years ago with his father when he father told him:
“Wouldn’t it be nice to play for Hawai’i? They throw the ball.” (HA)

About what his father said, Austin said:
“I thought he was joking, but it ended up working out.” (HA)

HA Note: “The quarterback in that telecast? It was Rolovich, now Austin’s position coach.”

About how his father is a motivational speaker who works with several pro baseball pitchers, with one of his techniques having the player think about specific situations and try to come up with positive solutions, Austin said:
“I’m pretty much one of his clients. He gets me ready mentally.” (HA)

About playing QB when he was a kid, Austin (who is now 6 feet and 200 pounds) said:
“I was always the small quarterback. To compensate, I had to make sure I had the perfect technique just to keep up with everybody. And I got good coaching.” (HA)

HA Note: “One of his coaches was Bob Gagliano, a former Nation Football League quarterback. Austin said he also learned from former UH coaches June Jones and Mouse Davis, and now Rolovich.”

About how he developed his throwing motion when he was young, Austin said:
“All of those little things, like slapping the wall, really helped. My passes started developing into nice spirals. Now it’s second nature. I’m very fortunate I got all of that work when I was younger.” (HA)

About competing for their QB spot, Austin said:
“It’s a journey. It’s definitely a battle working out here. The thing is to enjoy each moment, enjoy the process. I thank God every day for every opportunity I receive.” (HA)



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