Feature on Jovonte Taylor

About how he’s recovered from his illness that forced him to drop out of school last Fall, Taylor said:
“I’ve regained all my strength, gained all my weight back and I’m ready to hit it hard.” (HSB)

About how Taylor is improved this season, Ron Lee said:
“On tape he was just fast. Now he’s starting to get an understanding of what we’re doing and he’s picking it up really fast. What I like most is he seems to be at peace. He’s taken care of his academics and he’s really working hard to be a good player.” (HSB)

About their first practice on the new surface at the Ching Complex, Mac said:
“We had a great practice. It allows you to practice fast and it’s a neat surface. This is outstanding, the players really love it.” (HSB)

About Taylor’s speed, Ron Lee said:
“He’s scary as far as speed.” (HSB)

About his health problem last season, Taylor said:
“Whatever it was, it wasn’t that nice, I can tell you that.” (HSB)

About how he’s recovered from his health problems, Taylor said:
“I think I got it all back. The speed is there, getting back into the rhythm of the offense, catching on real quick. The first day I was kind of rusty, but it’s getting better and better.” (HSB)

Taylor said that he started suffering from headaches in the week leading to their SJSU game:
“and from there it went out of control. It felt like I was on my death bed. … It was horrible, I wouldn’t wish that on anybody, not even my enemies.” (HSB)

HSB Note: “Taylor said he dropped about 25 pounds while spending most of a three-week stretch in bed. He withdrew from his classes and returned to Los Angeles in October and eventually began to regain his appetite and his strength.”

About how he began to recover after he returned to LA, Taylor said:
“The following week, I started working out, running again. That’s when it started coming back.” (HSB)

About how he won a state championship in the 100 meters while ata LA Southwest College, with his best time at 10.4 seconds, even though he didn’t care much for track, Taylor said:
“I did it because I knew it would help me on the football field. I knew it would help me get faster. Instead of running wild, that slows you down a lot, with good form it keeps you straight and keeps you focused and you can run a lot faster, definitely.” (HSB)

About Taylor’s improvement in the offense, Ron Lee said:
“He’s swimming a little bit, but he’s going to be a good one. He looked at tape, so he’s got a good understanding, but we’re moving a little faster this spring. We’re installing more, a lot of different coverages. He’s coming along fine. He’s going to be exciting.” (HSB)

Looking forward to returning kickoffs, Taylor said:
“That’s what I do. I love that.” (HSB)

About being paired with Malcolm Lane (who averaged 26.5 yards per return) on kickoffs, Taylor grinned and said they could be:
“Dangerous. That’s all I have to say.” (HSB)


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