Feature on #1 RT Laupepa Letuli

HA Note: “Letuli, who is the Hawai’i football team’s No. 1 offensive right tackle, credits his ascent to maturity, a renewed commitment to training and “prehab.” His preventative rehabilitation program includes taking rest breaks each day. One of his uncles, a former pro football player, recommended proper rest to complement weight training and conditioning drills.”

About his “prehab” rest breaks, Letuli said:
“I have little naps during the day. It helps a lot.” (HA)

About his injuries, Letuli said:
“Every year it was something small or something big. It always hurt me in playing, which sucks. I have to overcome those. I try not to think about it.” (HA)

About being put at LT, G, TE, RB, and DE, Letuli said:
“I was learning new positions every semester or every year. I was slowly learning bits and pieces.” (HA)

About moving Letuli to RT after Kia won the LT spot, OL coach Gordy Shaw said:
“We were looking for the next best talented guy (behind Kia), and (Letuli) was the obvious guy. He took to it like duck takes to water.” (HA)

About how the 6’4″, 320-pound Letuli has the needed strength and skill, Shaw said:
“We worked on his technique. We’re giving him things to make his confidence very high. When his confidence is high, he plays very well.” (HA)

About his play this year, Letuli said:
“I’m a lot more focused.” (HA)


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