Chad Preacher is the #1 long-snapper

About trying to replace Jake Ingram as their long-snapper, Preacher said:
“They only know your name if you mess up. Following the guy who snapped last year is kind of a big deal. He was the best one in the country. I’ve been watching his films. He doesn’t mess up.” (HA)

About how he learned to long-snap when he was young at the urging of his father, Preacher said:
“I kept doing that all through high school. I played all of the positions, but I stayed with that. It was my door to get into college football.” (HA)

About looking around at colleges when he was a senior in high school, Preacher said:
“I tried to find a place that needed a long-snapper.” (HA)

About choosing UH, Preacher said:
“It’s Hawai’i. It’s beautiful out here. It has great people.” (HA)

HA Note: “Preacher tries to snap every day. During the summers, he works out for two hours, often alone.”

About his long-snapping workouts, Preacher said:
“You know one of those baseball nets you throw to? I’ve got the same thing. I got that for my 16th birthday. I throw it, and it bounces back. I tried to have my mom (serve as a receiver). She was out on the lawn and dad would be at work. I tried to snap it to her, but she couldn’t do it. That’s why we got the net.” (HA)


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