Feature story on JC DBs Lametrius Davis and Melvin Hopkins

About living in Hawaii, Davis (from Butte College in California) said:
“You can’t really compare it really, because it’s a different atmosphere here. In Hawaii it’s different because you feel like everybody knows you. (At Butte) everybody knew us and everything, but over here it’s a whole ‘nother level of popularity.” (HSB)

About relying on their JC DBs to play right away (since no starters return this season) while their high school recruits get adjusted to playing at the college level, Rich Miano said:
“These junior college guys, I think they realize that clock, that window of opportunity is that much smaller. They seem to be much more focused and driven on trying to start, to play next (season). They’re mature. Their attitudes are good.” (HSB)

About the 100 or so fans that watched their first practice, Davis said:
“I was looking around, looking at everybody like, ‘Dang, this is how it is, how it looks at the next level.’ Oh no, we never had that (for a JC practice).” (HSB)

About the 100 fans watching them practice, Hopkins said:
“Everything’s just different. It’s like, I’d never had so many people watch a practice like that. It makes it feel like a game. I can get used to that, but I’ve never been a part of this. It’s crazy.” (HSB)

HSB Note: “Hopkins must put on some muscle to earn either the left or right cornerback job, Miano said, but if both he and Davis can build off their initial showing through the next four months until fall camp, things bode well.”

About how both Hopkins and Davis have a chance to start or contribute, Miano said:
“Both of those guys should be contributors, if not starters. Those guys have been pretty much what we hoped or expected. We’ve got a long way to go, it’s only been one practice, but I see those guys have the right focus and attitude to definitely make an impact for us.” (HSB)

Asked if they are rebuilding on defense, Davis (whose Butte Roadrunners went 12-0 last season) said:
“I really don’t feel … well, just from experience, we’re building from scratch, but I think the players here, they all hungry. It’s a good thing, like Coach Miano said, everybody’s hungry, everybody wants to make a name for themself. That’s going to be good for everybody in the secondary, because everybody going to compete. Every play’s going to be hard, because every play could determine whether you’re going to play or not. You’re going to get the most out of everybody.” (HSB)

About the D-IA atmosphere, Hopkins said:
“Oh, it’s way better, way better. More intense, it’s great.” (HSB)


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