Review continues of the Sugar Bowl travel expenses

HA Note: “Although some questions were initially raised about children who accompanied staff on the trip, Dan Mollway, executive director of the commission, said “everyone who went is a matter of potential review.” ”

HA Note: “Mollway said the commission’s review has been slowed by more pressing cases and staff shortages.”

About UH’s cooperation in working with the commission before the 2008 Hawaii Bowl, Mollway said that:
“We haven’t seen anything that has caused us to believe there are issues to deal with (from the Hawai’i Bowl).” (HA)

Crediting how JD dealt with their travel plans for avoiding controversy with their Hawaii Bowl spending, Mollway said:
“Given our dealings over the years he is, simply, more inclined to seek our advice than most, I would say.” (HA)

JD said that UH limited its Hawaii Bowl party to:
“those who normally travel with the football team when it goes on the road and some extra trainers.” (HA)


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