Billy Ray Stutzmann finished high school early, gets to go to UH spring training

HSB Note: “Stutzmann had the credits to finish high school last semester. He weighed getting a head start on college football against giving up his senior year of track (he’s one of the state’s top sprinters). Football won. And his grades (3.4 cumulative average) indicated he was ready for the next level of academic challenges.”

About entering college earaly, Billy Ray said:
“I’d probably be taking some advanced placement anyway, and right now it kind of feels natural to be in college. In football, the guys really took me in and it’s not a big transition.” (HSB)

HSB Note: “Stutzmann also figures to benefit from regular weightlifting sessions he might not have been doing if running track at Saint Louis. He’s added 12 pounds of muscle to his 6-foot-1 frame and figures to check in at around 170 today.”

About how going through the spring with UH instead of being in high school will help him during his football career, Billy Ray said:
“I just think it will really help me down the line, being here, maybe in a few months. It’s always been my goal to get playing time as a freshman, but if the coaches want me to redshirt, I’m fine with that.” (HSB)

About coaching his brother as UH’s WR coach, just like he coached his brother when Billy Ray was a freshman on the Saint Louis JV, Craig Stutzmann said:
“We try not to have the relationship show in practice. He calls me ‘Coach,’ never Craig. We’ll have to see how it is (today). I try to not let it happen, but sometimes you can get a little more frustrated with your brother or son. For some reason, you have a shorter fuse.” (HSB)

About having his brother coach him and expect more out of him than others, Billy Ray said:
“The good thing is he’ll be on me to do everything right. That’s the negative thing, too. He’s always going to be hard on me, I already can feel it. But I think he’ll be fair.” (HSB)

About how other teams tried to come in late and get him to break his early UH commitment, Billy Ray said:
“Washington came in late. That got in my mind a little bit. Oregon State, Washington State. Notre Dame contacted me a little, but it died out.” (HSB)

HSB Note: “Billy Stutzmann passed on what for many people is the most fun six months of their life. Instead, he opted to get ahead of the academic game by a full semester, loaded up with six classes of core requirements. The weight-room investment is a solid one, too. In the coming weeks we’ll see how ready he is on the football field.”


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