A lot of starting positions are up for grabs this spring

Mac said that their depth chart entering spring training is:
“a starting point.” (HA)

About all the starting positions available to be won this spiring, Mac said that:
“nine-tenths of the (starting) jobs are open. This is an important spring. There are a lot of jobs that are up for grabs this spring.” (HA)

About having Alexander and Rausch top the depth chart at QB, Mac said:
“That’s the starting point. Greg is going to get the majority of the reps this spring.” (HA)

Mac said that some positions:
“like John Estes at center and Greg Alexander at quarterback are based on what they did last season. I assume that everyone (listed as a starter) will work hard and maintain their position. But if they don’t prepare themselves, we’d play the best player at that point in time. We’re committed to playing our best players.” (HA)

About how they will post a depth chart after spring training is over, Mac said:
“New starting points.” (HA)

About how many of their recruits don’t arrive until the summer, Mac said:
“We’ll give some (of the newcomers) some shots. We have to be ready for business. It’s not P.E. football. It’s a business. We want to have fun, but we want to get ready to play. We want to start the season strong.” (HA)

About how he’ll have to cut players after spring training (114 players are on the spring roster, 105 players can go to training camp and 25 newcomers join this summer), Mac said:
“I hate to cut anybody. That’s the worst part of the game. But we can only go into camp with 105.” (HA)

HA Note: “But sometimes there’s a happy ending. Last spring, defensive tackle Quentin Beaver impressed coaches with his strength. But at 365 pounds, he was too heavy to play the point in the 4-3 alignment. Beaver was cut after spring practice. He subsequently lost 60 pounds, and in January, he participated in the walk-on tryout. He earned a berth on the spring roster.”

About Quentin Beaver being back on the team, Mac said:
“We like 300-pound-plus guys, but they have to be able to run. Now he can run.” (HA)


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