Quotes from the Warriors spring preview from the Advertiser


About how they want to attack this season, Mac said:
“We want to attack in all three phases.” (HA)

About how they will attack on offense with their run-and-shoot, Mac said:
“We’re going to run the pure run-and-shoot. We’re going to let it fly and try to have fun.” (HA)

About how Alexander had trouble understanding the offense in his first year, Rolo said:
“His head was swimming. (HA)

HAA Note: “A tell-tale sign was not in Alexander’s interceptions or sacks, but the number of deflected passes. Being indecisive led to Alexander trying to hurry, which led to side-armed throws. In reviewing videos of last year’s games, Alexander noted that his worst plays corresponded with low deliveries. Alexander appears to be more confident. And Alexander, who once spoke Mumble as a second language, has developed into a leader, often taking charge of unsupervised offseason workouts.”

About how Rausch improved after learning that he didn’t need to throw every pass at full speed, Rolo said:
“Four or five throws (a game) are hard; the rest are control throws.” (HA)

HA Note: “On the left side, Salas has worked out with the slotbacks. He won’t move there, but there are some plays in which Salas will motion into the slot, giving Alexander a taller target. The plan is for the inside receivers to draw defenses away from the wideouts. Last year, Lane caught only 46.7 percent of the passes in which he was the intended receiver.”

About how he touched the ceiling when he was asked to jump as high as he could in the UH weight room, Rodney Bradley said:
“I’ve always been able to jump.” (HA)

HA says about Bradley: “whose reach is 8 feet 1. He can touch nearly 11 feet off a vertical jump. With his speed (4.4 seconds) and height (6-1), Bradley is expected to stretch coverages. He’ll start off at left wideout, but he is capable of playing both sides.”

HA Note: “Kia lost weight after suffering from severe flu-like ailments following the Sheraton Hawai’i Bowl. He weighed 274 last week; he wants to gain at least another 10 pounds by the end of spring training. Hisatake, whose high school did not have a football team, is set to open at left guard. He said it took him most of last season to adjust to the switch from tackle. The previous year, he was on the defensive line. Keep an eye on: Leonard, a junior-college transfer who probably is the most agile of the tackles.”

About how they require their DTs to be mobile, Cal Lee said:
“We don’t want just space-eaters.” (HA)

Ready to fill their leadership void with Adam Leonard and Sol Elimimian graduating, Brashton Satele said:
“Somebody has to step up. Why not me?” (HA)

About how he lifts every day, Brashton said:
“I dedicated myself to getting stronger.” (HA)

About how his workouts included power cleans this offseason, Brashton said:
“I didn’t like it before, but I like it now.” (HA)

Paredes explained that RJ earned the nickname “Neanderthal” because:
“he’s another breed.” (HA)

HA Note: “Kiesel-Kauhane, who weighs 221, is capable of benching 450 pounds. He benched 225 pounds 35 times, and had a vertical jump of 38 inches.”

About their CBs, Rich Miano said:
“Overall, the group has no stars, but it’s a focused, concentrated group. I’m really impressed with their work and determination.” (HA)


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