Bess loves hearing from those that doubt Miami’s WR corps

SFSS = South Florida Sun-Sentinel

About those who criticize Miami’s WRs, Bess said:
“Most players will get mad or frustrated, but I love it, because it’s always keeping me humble. Knowing that there’s always someone out there to knock you down. In this league, you can never be satisfied. There is always room for improvement.” (SFSS)

About how he wants to improve each part of his game, Bess said:
“There were a couple of times last year that I dropped the ball. There were a couple of times that I misread a coverage, and ran the wrong route.” (SFSS)

About how he has “a lot” more confidence going into this season as compared to his rookie year, Bess said:
“For me to get the hands-on experience I got so early, now that I can go out there just playing, rather than thinking, and having my head cut off. Whenever you are in a situation where you have to prove yourself, the best comes out of you. At the end of the day, when the lights come on, everything will show.” (SFSS)


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