Mac inspiring Hawaii’s Middle School Students

HA Note: “The top students from Hawai’i’s public middle schools have a chance to see their names in bright lights this fall. University of Hawai’i football coach Greg McMackin is planning to create a program that will honor the academic accomplishments of sixth-, seventh- and eighth-graders. He is seeking to create an advisory board of teachers, counselors and administrators. Based on the nominations from school counselors, the board will select the “Coach McMackin Academic All-Stars.” Each All-Star will receive a T-shirt.”

About inviting each Academic All-Star and their parents and teachers to a UH football game, Mac said:
“We’ll introduce them at halftime, put their names up on the JumboTron and give them the recognition they deserve.” (HA)A

About raising money through his foundation (which will cover the expenses for the Middle School program) with donations from companies that do not usually deal with UH, Mac said:
“We’re not going to take away any money that would go to the school or the athletic department.” (HA)

About how the program is not limited to football players or student-athletes, Mac said:
“It’s open to everyone.” (HA)

HA Note: “McMackin said the concept originated while he was recruiting football players. He found that many prospects did not take the necessary courses to gain admittance to a four-year college.”

About the importance of students being prepared for high school, Mac said:
“So many times, a kid isn’t going to be eligible because he didn’t do very well during his ninth-grade year.” (HA)

HA Note: “McMackin said he wanted to create a program to inform middle-school students on the high-school courses they need to gain admission to a four-year college.”

About targeting his program at public Middle Schools, Mac said:
“I think some of the best teaching is done in the public schools. But some students need to be motivated. When they hit the ninth grade, everything counts toward college.” (HA)

About hosting an open house ata UH, with professors from different fields serving as speakers, Mac said:
“I’d like to get (the middle-school students) on campus, to show them the dream of college. So many kids have not seen the University of Hawai’i campus.” (HA)

About visiting Middle Schools this year, especially because they probably cannot do an open house this year, Mac said:
“I want every kid to know what it takes to get into college. It doesn’t have to be here. It can be at another college. But every kid needs to know that it’s possible. I love Hawai’i and the people here. I want to do my best to help.” (HA)


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  1. jellybeans Says:

    sorry I posted this in the wrong comment section

    Coach Mac is spreading himself too thin by trying to hold the DOE’s hands…I believe during the football season, he should concerntrate on football and proper academic support for his players. So no one is left behind in a huge way like our TYLER Grunke.

    Let the DOE figure out their support systems….they get paid to do that.

    Coach Mac your presence in spot-support is faved, but not as ongoing project.

    As tax payer, I would like you to set up each and every UH Football player to SUCCEED!….let the DOE plan the project/program and then invite you to their programs and that be their responsibilities. Please ENABLE Them.

    I know you have a heart of GOLD! UH Football players is your first and foremost responsibility….

    warmest aloha as I share.

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