Samson looks forward to getting to Oakland

About wearing black with the Raiders, Samson (who wore black with the Warriors) said:
“I wouldn’t mind getting back in a black jersey again.” (HSB)

Looking forward to getting to Oakland, Samson said:
“I’m really excited. I’m glad the Dolphins drafted me, but it’s a business. They went in another direction, but it worked out good and I can’t wait to get to Oakland and start fresh. I have a lot of family in California. Everybody’s happy and I just have to do my job now.” (HSB)

HSB Note: “Satele said his timetable for reporting to the Raiders is “ASAP,” and he’s now immersed in moving his family from South Florida to northern California.”

About winning just one game his rookie year and making the playoffs in his second year, Samson said:
“Coming in my rookie year I didn’t know what to expect and to win only one game was hard. But to be part of that turnaround was awesome.” (HSB)


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