Samson interview in the San Francisco Chronicle

SFC = San Francisco Chronicle

About being prepared for 3-4 defenses because he practiced against one in Miami, Samson said:
“I practiced on it and played against it all the time, so I know a lot about it. It’ll help a lot.” (SFC)

SFC Note: “He’s agile and athletic, a plus for the zone-blocking scheme used by the Raiders. But, he reportedly struggled with the bigger nose guards in the division – namely, the Patriots’ Vince Wolford and the Jets’ Kris Jenkins.”

SFC Note: “Satele said he’s never played in a zone-blocking scheme, which requires lesser-sized linemen to be on the move instead of dropping anchor in a power scheme.”

About how he feels he’ll be a good fit for Oakland’s zone-blocking scheme, Samson said:
“I’ve watched it before, so I think it’ll be a good fit for me because I’m athletic. I’m fired up.” (SFC)


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