Samson news from the Florida papers

PBP = Palm Beach Post
SFSS = South Florida Sun-Sentinel
MH = Miami Herald

About how Samson’s injured shoulder was worse than they thought, his agent Leo Goeas said:
“I didn’t know how bad it was until he had an MRI taken. I don’t know how he played with it. There was a chunk of bone that had broken loose and taken part of his labrum with it.” (SFSS)

About how Samson is going through rehab now and should be ready to start the season, Goeas said:
“If he is healthy, he can go up against any nose tackle.” (SFSS)

SFSS Note: “Goeas said Satele was not surprised by the trade, since the Dolphins had made it clear by acquiring Grove that Satele was not part of their future plans at center.”

About how Samson isn’t upset with the Dolphins, Goeas said:
“There are no hard feelings. He enjoyed his time with the Dolphins and now is glad to be in a place where he is wanted and will be appreciated.” (SFSS)

About trading Samson, Miami GM Jeff Ireland said:
“We signed another center and feel like we had to get better in that area. It’s pretty critical that we did. We saw there was some value out there with Samson. We felt like if we kept Samson we would have moved him to guard and let him compete. But we found out there was significant value for Samson.” (PBP)

“We just felt like we had to get better. Physical stature is not applicable in this case.” (PBP)

“We feel like we had to get better in that area. It’s pretty critical that we did.” (SFSS)

MH Note: “Ireland confirmed that the Dolphins received a sixth-round NFL Draft pick from the Oakland Raiders in exchange for center Samson Satele and also swapped fourth-round picks as part of the deal. Miami’s pick in that fourth round improves 18 spots.”

About how Bill Parcells wants his own players, NY Giants owner John Mara said:
“His quote was always, if you’re going to cook the meal, they ought to let you pick the groceries out. He obviously does a pretty good job picking the groceries. He obviously has an eye for talent and knows how to put a winning program together.” (SFSS)

SFSS Note: “It didn’t help Satele, a second-round pick in 2007, that Parcells didn’t bring him to South Florida. Sunday’s move continued the turnover of Dolphins’ personnel since Parcells was hired in December of 2007. Of the 65 players on the roster, 21 were with the team when Parcells arrived.”


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