Update on Inoke Funaki at the Bulldog position

About the hybrid RB/slotback position that he’s expected to play during spring training, Inoke said:
“Bulldog? I thought they were talking about Kaimuki.” (HA)

HA Note: “For Funaki, the key will be his ability to block. Funaki said he has picked up blocking tips from Kealoha Pilares, who is moving from running back to slotback this spring.”

About how running from the RB or slotback position is different than running as a QB, Inoke said:
“it’ll be different. It’s not like when you’re scrambling, and everyone is more scattered out.” (HA)

About adjusting to the slotback position, Inoke said:
“I’m working on footwork, speed, cutting and catching the ball. It’s not as easy as these guys tend to make it look. You gain a lot of appreciation when you go out and do it.” (HA)

Wishing that they would rename his position “Raider”, Inoke (who played for Kahuku) said:
“I wouldn’t complain about that.” (HA)


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