Shawn Withy-Allen is back at QB for the Fayetteville Guard!

FO = Fayettville Observer

About convincing Shawn Withy-Allen to come out of retirement to play QB for the Fayetteville Guard, head coach Charles Gunnings said:
“One of my first priorities this year was to get my quarterback. We missed him last year.’’ (FO)

FO Note: “Gunnings believes bringing Withy-Allen back for a full season in 2009 will be a key element in the Guard rebounding from a 5-9 finish last year that kept them out of the playoffs for the first time in franchise history.”

FO Note: “Withy-Allen, a former University of Hawaii player, led the Guard to 27 wins, including one unbeaten season, as their quarterback between 2005 and 2007. But he decided to step away from the game after the 2007 season to concentrate on his profession as a Christian youth minister and spend time with his new wife, Sarah.”

About retiring after coming back for 3 games (going 2-1 and throwing 15 TD in the 3 games), Withy-Allen said:
“I thought it was probably time to hang it up after last year. I had a couple of tryouts with some NFL teams, the (Carolina) Panthers and (Philadelphia) Eagles, but nothing seemed to be working out there. Plus, I had my job and my wife was pregnant with our first child. So, it kind of seemed like the time to retire for good this time.’’ (FO)

About how he had to convince Shawn’s wife to let him play, Gunnings said:
“I talked to his wife. You can see the look in her eyes when she watches him play. And I think she knew he’d be miserable if he stepped away right now.’’ (FO)

About the WRs on their team, Withy-Allen said:
“We really have some great receivers and it’s exciting to work with them.” (FO)


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