Updates about UH’s 2010 schedule

HA Note: “For the first time in its history, the University of Hawai’i football team could play two sets of back-to-back road games in a single season, according to some scenarios under Western Athletic Conference scheduling consideration for 2009.”

About possibly having the Warriors have back-to-back conference road games in October, WAC associate commissioner Jeff Hurd said that it:
“has been discussed, but only in terms of possible options depending upon how (ESPN) television falls out.” (HA)

HA Note: “UH athletic director Jim Donovan said the possibility of two sets of back-to-back road games arises, in part, from UH’s preference to avoid having one span of three consecutive road games. UH hasn’t played three consecutive road games since 1964. Donovan said UH has asked for either an open date or a home game for the Sept. 26 slot that follows road games with Washington State and UNLV. Otherwise, he said, UH could find itself playing a WAC road game at, for example, Louisiana Tech or Idaho that week.”

About how they do not want 3 straight road games, a concern after they already have back-to-back nonconference road games scheduled this year, JD said:
“That’s something we’d like to avoid. We’ve done 10 (consecutive) days on the road, but going past that it is pushing it.” (HA)

HA Note: “Part of the problem is that since UH is scheduled to play 13 games and the NCAA-approved football season spans only 14 weeks this year, compared with 15 in 2008, an open date on Sept. 26 forces UH to play 10 consecutive weeks.”

About having one less Saturday for games this year, JD said:
“At some point, you’re looking at consecutive (WAC) road games. I don’t envy the problems the WAC has trying to make a schedule this season. With fewer weekends, TV and everything else it is difficult to please everybody.” (HA)

HA Note: “To remedy the situation, Donovan said he has requested that if UH is asked to play back-to-back conference road games that the Warriors be given opponents in close proximity such as San Jose State and Nevada.”

About the WAC schedule, Hurd said:
“it is simply too early in the process to speculate on what might happen for Hawai’i or any other school for that matter.” (HA)

About how the WAC schedule (the 2008 version was announced in February) might not be announced until April, Hurd said:
“I highly doubt it will be before the end of (this) month.” (HA)

About how the WAC told them that the schedule should be done by the end of this month, JD said:
“They told us that we should have it by the end of the month. That would still work for us. Most ADs are chomping at the bit to get it so we can make sure we can get our travel arrangements all done and get the travel packages out there for our fans and all those kinds of things. Even though it is later than usual, it is workable for us.” (HSB)

JD said that the Warriors could appear on national or regional TV 3 times, but:
“that’s not set in stone.” (HSB)

HSB Note: “Donovan has also expressed to the WAC the school’s preference for a home game or a bye the weekend of Sept. 26 following the Warriors’ back-to-back road games at Washington State and UNLV.”


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