Article about how the Super Games bring the Warriors together

About how the Super Games brings the Warriors together, Rocky Savaiigaea said:
“It brings us together a lot. We work so hard during the week with individual drills, it’s a good chance one day out of the week we can come together and mix it up and we just have fun with it.” (HSB)

HSB Note: “The Warriors hit the weight room four days a week with Wednesday mornings reserved for events including basketball, water polo and yesterday’s home run derby at Les Murakami Stadium. UH head coach Greg McMackin introduced the Super Games last year with teams earning points for their performances in the events and their progress in the classroom and the weight room. Players could earn bonus points by making significant gains in their lifting or attending extra study halls. Missing or being late for a class or a workout resulted in points being deducted from the team’s total.”

About how the Super Game team captains make sure that the players keep up with school and workouts, Rocky said:
“You don’t want to mess up for the team. Instead of coaches telling you what to do, you have team captains and they’re the ones who keep you on track.” (HSB)

HSB Note: “Yesterday’s finale was won by Tunda Katz, captained by defensive lineman Tuika Tufaga. A plate was set up in shallow center field at Murakami Stadium with each player getting two swings to try to pop a tennis ball over the fence. With his team down to its last out, Mana Silva kept the Tunda Katz alive with a home run. Steele Jantz then won it with a homer in a tiebreaker round.”

About how his players have worked out extremely hard this offseason, Mac said:
“These guys have worked out harder than any group I’ve been around since I’ve been here as far as the offseason. This is a group that really is hungry.” (HSB)


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