Ryan Mouton discusses his NFL prospects

About concerns over his 5’9″ height, Ryan Mouton pointed out his leaping ability and added:
“I’m good in man-to-man coverage, and I think that will really help out in the NFL. I have a really good ability to jump that allows me to do well against the bigger receivers.” (scout.com)

About his reputation for speed and field intelligence, Mouton said:
“I’ve been playing the game since I’ve been about six years old. So understanding what’s going on in the game is one of my key attributes. I love the game of football. To me it’s not about the money, I’d just like to get out there and have fun. Even in practice, I really have high spirits.” (scout.com)

About how his success as a blitzer out of the nickel formation will help him make it in the NFL, Mouton said:
“It takes a lot of timing. You watch guys like Troy Polamalu, he times his blitzes really well. You have to get in there and study their offense and the cadence of their quarterback. That helps you out a lot.” (scout.com)


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