Fresno State asked to have the WAC dues reduced

Bee = Fresno Bee

About how Fresno State will “formally” ask the WAC to reduce its dues, Fresno State athletic director Thomas Boeh said:
“It seems entirely reasonable for the league to find ways to be more efficient.” (Bee)

Bee Note: “He didn’t identify the amount Fresno State pays, or how big a cut the university will seek. The 2008-09 budget lists “conference assessments” at $403,000, but it’s not clear whether this expenditure is tied to WAC dues.

The athletic department projected revenues of $25.4 million and expenditures of $25.3 million this school year. The deep recession is hurting revenues; university officials are cutting costs. Still, a university official told the board, athletics is looking at a budget deficit of about $250,000. And that’s assuming the successful implementation of a recently mandated 7% cut in operating expenses for each sport this year, even the fall and winter sports. Operating expenses include travel, equipment and recruiting. They don’t include scholarships and salaries.”

Bee provided information on Fresno State’s recruiting budget:
“Take football, for example. According to the 2008-09 budget, football was to have $1.31 million in operating expenses such as team travel ($757,608), equipment ($190,000) and recruiting ($130,000).”


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