WAC Commissioner Karl Benson seems to accept the BCS system

OS = Orlando Sentinel


Accepting the BCS system, WAC Commissioner Karl Benson said:
“In the past year or two, when you really look at it in terms of value, five non-automatic teams were in position to earn a spot. The rules are the rules, and we understood the structure. You always want to have more, but sometimes you can’t get everything you want.” (OS)

Accepting the rules of the BCS even though Boise State lost out last season, Benson said:
“Is there disparity? Of course. Is it disappointing when Boise State finishes No. 8 and plays in a bowl that generates $200,000, when you see champions in the Big East ranked what they were and they get an $18 million paycheck? Of course. But that’s why the existing rules are in place.” (OS)


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