Under Armour sales of Warrior gear are doing well

Happy with the sales figures of their Warrior products, Walker Jones (director of sports marketing for Under Armour) said:
“We’re extremely excited about the initial numbers, especially given what is going on with the state of the economy.” (HA)

About UA, Mac said that:
“they sold a year’s worth (of products) in the first five, six months.” (HA)

HA Note: “Jones said the first year of an eight-year deal with UH, which began July 1, 2008, has been worth “the upper six figures, almost a million (dollars)” on logo wear alone. Jones said the company expected to do well but the “initial numbers have been a pleasant surprise. In addition, Jones said, sales of non-UH related Under Armour products have also done well. McNamara said, “they have been incredibly pleased and so have we.” ”

Comparing their Hawaii sales with their other partner schools like Auburn, South Carolina and Texas Tech, Jones said:
“Hawai’i has done very well for us. If you look, per capita, at the alumni base and population density, I’d have to say Hawai’i is right there among the top.” (HA)

HA Note: “By contract, UH is guaranteed $125,000 in rights fees this year plus product allowances, marketing support and other extras collectively valued at $440,000. McNamara said Under Armour, which was contracted to provide $50,000 in marketing support to UH, has already committed $70,000. Jones said Under Armour felt there was an “untapped demand” here and UH football could be the “focal point” for the company.”

About how there had been a worry about how well their UH products would sell, Sherry Nava (local retail sales representative for UA) said:
“The first item we put on the Web site, a polo shirt, sold out within two hours.” (HA)

Mac said that the UA apparel has:
“been a hit with the team. The players love it. It (the relationship) has been even more than I could have expected.” (HA)


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